The Barrister's Office Ninkovic Provides Services In The Next Scopes:
Economic Law And Corporate Law

Lawyers office Ninković & Associates provides services in all areas of economic and corporate law, representing domestic and foreign legal entities in all courts, state bodies, administrative bodies and all other procedures.


Our office has a long experience in reaching a peaceful solution before entering into litigation, bearing in mind the slowness of our courts and state authorities in making final decisions.

Law Of Inheritance And Family Law

Sometimes the most difficult disputes are those who permeate human destiny and enter the secrets of our lives. Although legally speaking, it is not professionally said complicated disputes, but sometimes they seek the full commitment and understanding of a lawyer or court, but also an understanding of all of us, first as humans. In such cases, our office will always try to get out of the dispute as a winner, not as a defeated party.

Represent, Distribution And Franchising
Real Estate And Building

Dragan R. Ninković & Associates Law Firm, with its presence on the market, made it easier for many of our customers and sellers to find the best business or residential space. In cooperation with reputable domestic and foreign investors, we provide clients with quick and efficient access to potential real estate, without intermediaries.

Foreign Direct Investments

In the past few years, our law office has participated in the projects of the World Bank - WB, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - EBRD, as well as in IPA 16 projects, IPA 17, where through its advisory opinion and elaboration of a detailed legal report for the desired goals and programs , has acquired an immeasurable experience in drafting and auditing, not only the tender documentation, but also all other programs and modalities that have appeared in the meantime.


According to Act 37, the Bar Law of the Republic of Serbia (Sl. glasnik RS 31/2011) it is said that a lawyer is required to make a contract concerning the mandatory insurance for lawyer’s professional responsibility. In 2012 lawyer Dragan R. Ninković got insured, in accordance with the law, for lawyer’s professional responsibility.

  • Economic Law And Corporate Law
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  • Law Of Inheritance And Family Law
  • Represent, Distribution And Franchising
  • Real Estate And Building
  • Foreign Direct Investments
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